I am a music enthusiast and I love to play tales on piano


I fell in love with music when I was seven. It has always fascinated me and has been in my life for as long as I can remember. If music is my soul, then piano is my voice. The instrument provides me with a unique way to capture and express moments and emotions. My strength is playing the music by ear, a skill that I have been training for 11 years. Establishing the rhythm naturally and knowing the formulae of scales. I am experimental and have attempted to infuse elements from all genres and implement them in my own compositions.


No dream is ever too small to ignore. I tend to start small even if there are big hurdles to overcome and accomplish every event. I had my own band performance in Grade 5 or directed the music of the entire Annual School charity show owing to the same principle. At every step of this journey there was a strange realization that the idea of music as a career has still not found validity in our generation. My ever changing band fellows were pursuing it as passion but not foreseeing it as a career. Self doubt loomed over many times, if I am making a wrong choice or just taking the road less traveled.

I had been very fortunate that my loved ones always had confidence in my music sense and ability. Structured self learning and completing certifications helped me to understand the subject and inspired me to pursue it. The encouragement I always received from my audience kept me going too and I ventured cross genre along with western classical
Self learning and playing various genres of music was demanding but very satisfactory. The richness of music draws me and it is not only my passion but also my responsibility to appreciate and learn various forms of music. This journey has taught me to believe in universal balance and the importance in giving to our community as we take.

Each summer I scan the local entertainment section for opportunities to play music on a beautiful summer evening in community or school or for an NGO. It became custom to hold these events year after year. This phenomenon matured as we grew. I was leading the cultural committee on western music at school and organized the music selection and development for the annual charity show at school. I am glad to be part of the process of sharing and raising support via my creativity. I have been holding Live Concerts during the last few months of lock down, to provide entertainment and joy in a challenging period of our history.


I am fascinated by all genres of music - Country, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock or Electronic Music. I gravitate to Linkin Park, Queen, and Greenday in Rock Music and also to Charlie Puth and Ed Sheeran in Pop in very same way, as they encompass the elements of modern music while embracing rock influence or their power to connect to their audiences with experimental melodies. I have played many of their songs and also made arrangements of my own to their music. My own compositions intertwine elements from each genre.


My Compositions are primarily inspired by classical Piano players, such as Mozart. Others have influence and elements of Rock, and some interject blues and classical.

Classical performance

Classical holds within it the core elements of human being and emotions that are not impacted by any period of history. Whether it is Bach’s genius to capture the joy of the nativity story as a celebration of life and hope for mankind or the memorable pieces of music by Mozart. Beethoven’s ability to transform the simplest themes to magical or the very beauty of Schumann’s music is divine. There can be no end to classical learning.

Pop and Rock and Blues

Pop & Rock music and I am often inspired by Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Linkin Park, Beatles, and Coldplay which can excite contemporary youth as much as it could in the fifties and Blues wins-over hearts because thats where it comes from. It is sincere, but also blunt.


I am sharing here my personal journey and how 2020 is being a turning year in my life. The year has also been a teacher in many ways, it forced us to stay at home but gave time to reflect on our past and plan forward. Though we longed to go back to the company of fellow beings but also focused more on being a better human. We could wipe the dust off the mirror and relook at our core values of love and empathy and future direction of life.



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