Piano Concerts during COVID times

2020-21 my Senior year and I was all geared up for the most significant year at school and admissions for college. Indeed it will be a very unusual year to stay in our memory. Despite these circumstances where the world has come to a standstill, we are adapting to new ways - staying at home and learning online as much as we can.
The war is on and this time the warriors are not armed with the latest weapons but with life saving equipment. The battlefield is not the enemy's territory but hospitals and healthcare centers. As the young blood, I am also keen to step up to meet this challenge by doing what we can do best; be helpful at home and be more helpful just by staying home. I wish everyone to be as lucky as we are, but there are many who are currently battling this disease and many more coping with grief on losing their loved ones
In this long drawn battle my wishes goes out to our frontline warriors, the Health Staff and all supporting groups and what can be a better way to show my gratitude by dedicating a piano concert via Youtube livestream. 
The very first piano concert was dedicated to all health workers and support staff who are working day and night, leaving their families and loved one back home. The second was dedicated to all children who are staying at home in spite of abundance of energy and the latest was dedicated to all to raise funds for National Relief for Covid19 pandemic care. This one was to raise awareness and donate. The live-stream concert drew more than 660+ views and as many as 100+ people logged-in any time to view. I was able to raise INR 40000/- (Forty Thousand Indian Rupees) via this concert. 
These concert experiences were very unique and overwhelming. I had been holding online concerts dedicated to Health Workers and children and was playing with the idea of listening to people what they are feeling and want to hear with music as their voice. The idea evolved to receive requests from audiences and for every request if they can donate a very minimum amount of Rs 100 to the Relief Fund. To have the requests it was important to reach maximum and I started focus broadcast via social media to friends, school and families, then further expanded to parents friends, co-workers and acquaintances. The communication became a chain reaction and grew exponentially. By the day of the concert, I had received more than sixty song requests to accomodate in 90 minutes. 
When the day arrived, I knew that a lot of people would be watching me and I was confident of my music, but a little nervous to play,  because I had to play everything flawlessly. Along with there were anxious thoughts about those who have witnessed the cruel face of the pandemic and the doctors and health care people who were sacrificing their personal life and knowing the risks were out there to care for the people who needed help. I had also requested viewers to donate a generous sum of money to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund because that money was going to the daily wage workers too.
But as my fingers touched the keys of the piano, the nervousness turned into excitement and I felt enchanted. I played over 60 songs and I made sure there were no mistakes because everyone had a reason close to their heart for request. The songs I chose were symbolizing hope, joy, nostalgia, humanity and so much more. At that point I felt that every song request had a different story. 
I’ve played 3 concerts till now and I will continue to play more and every video will have something to offer. I’ve played for the healthcare workers, for the anxious children who are not able to see their friend’s faces and for the daily wage workers. The funds that were raised directly to National fund -PM CARES, set up for combating, containment and relief effort for food supplies during the coronavirus outbreak. 
That feeling of getting lost into a whole new world of music and the smiles on everyone’s faces across the globe is all that I want and that is why I play music.It is the driving force that keeps me motivated to go for more and reach the stars.